Screen printed fanzine < For testing purpose >

// Screen printed fanzine

This project was oriented around mistakes, experimentation and texture. My main subject was the computer glitch. With open-source databending software, I created two images. I prepared these two images for silkscreening by applying CMYK colour separation and different halftone settings on different layers. In total I had 8 layers to print (4 for each image) and then I added a rectangle where I could experiment with texture and gradient. During the printing process, I mixed everything together in a random way. All posters were double-sided, and the number of colours varied between 1 and 8. Each of them ends up being unique.

Date: 06/2015

All the experimental posters were cut, mixed, split into 28 group and reorganize. I put it all together in a hand-bound book.
_ For the cover I used a JavaScript code that put random images on a web page. I modified this code to represent my creative process and enforce the parallel I try to establish between new and old technologies.



Zoom in texture

The animated GIF

The GIF Create a loop back to the computer world. Each of the 50 print pas one time. It repeat forever giving the impression of continues glitch.

// Screen printed fanzine //