Catch Superstar monster

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// Character illustration

Catch superstar monster is the following of Sneaker Monster. This time I have worked with Raky design for the web and the Adidas original marketing division in Taiwan. The concept was similar to sneaker monster, promote the new Superstar sneaker collection.
__ I had to make new character illustration that will be used for posters, stickers and short animations. For the animation, I had to make 3 different positions for each monsters with movable parts. The animation and the web site were managed by Raky design. The Adidas team was responsible to put all posters in the streets of Taipei (Taiwan).
__Each poster had a QR code. When you scan it with your phone, you unlock the character animation. When the 3 characters are unlocked you can go clam your sticker pack in store.

Date: SUMMER /2012


Youtube main video_

Cell phone unlocked character_

Character illustration

Street poster

character illustration,monster, vector


character illustration,monster, vector
character illustration,monster, vector
character illustration,monster, vector
character, animation, construction, green
// Character illustration //