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Kiki Kumi is an accessory brand that upcycles denim. Everything is made with second hand denim. Kiki Kumi doesn’t want to use recycling clichés to do “greenwashing” – instead, it puts the priority on high-end design. Ideally the consumer will be surprised by the quality when they realize that the accessories are made from second-hand jeans.
__ For the branding, I had to stay far away from the overused clichés of brown paper, green backgrounds and the circular recycling logo. Even if Kiki Kumi’s logo makes a subtle nod to the curves of the recycling sign, my principle mandate was to create something modern and delicate that reflected the identity of the brand.
__ The business card, thank you card and hang tags are all printed on recycled paper and use white color on off-white paper to show that the brand aims to minimize its impact on the environment.

Date: 10/2014


Business card

business card, emboss, branding, logo

Thanks card

business card, emboss, branding, logo
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