Packaging Chaga Shaman

// Packaging design

For this packaging, the exercise was to bring storytelling to life through the visuals.
_ The story is simple: In the summer of 2014, my father and I went to a birch tree forest to harvest chaga.
_ What is chaga? It’s a mushroom that grows on birch trees in northern regions. The chaga is well-known for its health properties.
_ My personal goal was to bring the user as close as possible to my experience of harvesting these mushrooms in the forest. To do that, I designed a box that looks like a birch tree. When you put the boxes side by side, they look like a small forest. The box has a simple, original design that reflects the simplicity of the product, and conveys feelings of quality and craftsmanship.

– Made of recycled carboard
– Designed to fit 11×17 sheet
– Screen printed in 2 colors


Date: 02/2015


// packaging design //